How To Get Low Rates From Mercury Insurance


Mercury Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States with retail coverage in all 50 states and coverage for liability and personal property protection in all states. The company is led by Richard K. Parsons, III, and is headquartered in Chicago. Mercury is ranked fourth among American life insurers by J.D. Powers and Associates. In addition to general personal liability and property protection, the company offers disability, dental, medical and other employee benefits.

Mercury Insurance prides itself on providing its clients with low rates for quality policies. Since inception, they have maintained a reputation for excellent coverage options at affordable prices. For this reason, their policyholders have gained many years of experience with them and have continued to purchase policies from them even after changing jobs and industries. They have also been able to expand into new areas by adding brokerage services. In addition, they have expanded their product offerings through sales of insurance leads, discount plans and other consumer products.

When a customer becomes a member of the company, they have access to a variety of benefits including discount plans, business insurance, home insurance, auto insurance and travel insurance discounts. They also can enjoy a good driver discount for participating in a safe driving program. Good drivers are often given a discount for being good students, having multiple cars insured through the same company, or having an outstanding safety history. All these great benefits help insure the overall protection and profitability of the multi-car Mercury Insurance plan.

Since its humble beginnings in Los Angeles in the early 1960s, the company has grown to become one of the most reliable insurance companies in the industry. They offer various types of coverage for a wide variety of circumstances and are very professional in helping their customers understand their policies and benefits. They also provide consumers with excellent customer service, making them feel welcome in their offices and on their behalf at all times. In fact, nearly every single representative is trained in using the company’s computers so that he or she can help customers at any time. This ensures that the individual receiving the benefits has a pleasant experience from the very beginning.

Through group coverage options, members have the opportunity to receive even more discounts. For example, some companies offer their members special deals and discounts for renters. Several Mercury Insurance companies have rental car discount programs that have helped many people pay less for automobile coverage. Individuals can also take advantage of various discounts and rebates on their personal auto coverage as well. Some companies provide discounts and rebates for senior citizens, drivers training for automobile licensing, those who participate in a Driver Safety Improvement Program, and even renters who have an excellent credit rating.

Some insurance companies also offer low rates for individuals who use a repair facility for their vehicles instead of a dealership. Some vehicle owners only want to buy a new car, but may not have the funds to do so. By purchasing their auto at a repair facility instead of through a dealership, they can save money by paying less for their vehicle. In addition, these individuals can expect to be covered for the entire life of the automobile in their driveway.